Auto Tops and Upholstery

Auto Tops and Upholstery

Fox Valley Glass - Auto Tops and Upholstery

Got a tear in your auto interior or convertible top?  Pop a hole in your boat upholstery with a fishhook?  Wear out your motorcycle upholstery on that long ride back from Sturgis?  Don’t just tape over holes or tears in your worn out vehicle upholstery.  Fox Valley Glass upholstery repairs will make that worn out upholstery look brand new!

At Fox Valley Glass we’re sure you’re like us and love the wind in your hair when driving with your convertible top down. However, there are few things worse than when you put the top up during the rain and water starts leaking in all over your auto interior. Convertible top repair is just one more service we offer, that will not only keep our car enthusiast customers auto car show-worthy, but will also keep our customer dry on rainy days.

Fox Valley Glass - Boat UpholsteryWhether you own a domestic, foreign, exotic, or antique auto, a Harley-Davidson or Ducati motorcycle, a simple two man fishing boat or a 100 foot custom yacht, Fox Valley Glass auto tops and upholstery repairs will keep your vehicles looking great.

We specialize in:

    • Auto Leather Repair
    • Auto Seat Repair
    • Automotive Upholstery
    • Boat Upholstery
    • Car Seat Reupholstery
    • Convertible Replacement Tops
    • Convertible Top Repair
    • Marine Upholstery
    • Motorcycle Upholstery
    • Seat upholstery
    • Vinyl Tops
    • And more…
Keep your auto interior and tops, boat and motorcycle upholstery looking brand new.

Fox Valley Glass - Motorcycle Upholstery

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