Common Questions about a Windshield Repair

Common Questions about a Windshield Repair

Should I Have my Rock Chip Repaired?

Fox Valley Glass - Windshield Repair

In almost all cases, a rock chip repair can be performed unless it is in your driver’s line of sight or it has already been repaired.

Will my Rock Chip Become a Cracked Windshield?

The possibility of a chipped windshield forming into a windshield crack is greater if not repaired. If you have the rock chip repaired before it turns into a crack, it will not spread under normal conditions. A rock chip can form a windshield crack if there is a drastic change in temperature or even from the impact of hitting a pothole.

What is a Windshield Repair?

Fox Valley Glass - Windshield RepairA windshield Repair is a process that utilizes modern technology to repair a damaged or cracked windshield by injecting and cursing resin into the damaged area. The repair provides a strong bond that prevents further windshield cracks and improves the cosmetic appearance in most cases.

Why Repair a Windshield?

There are many reasons to repair a windshield, including:

  1. It saves money by preventing the need for a costly windshield replacement
  2. It’s very convenient and does not affect the integrity of the original factory seal since the windshield glass is never removed.
  3. No windshield glass repair means you keep your original factory auto glass!

What Kind of Auto Glass Damage Can Be Repaired?

Fox Valley Glass - Windshield Repair

Stone damage or stone “chips” up to the size of a “50 cent piece” qualify for a car window repair. A rock chip is usually round or star-shaped and may have lines extending from the center. The best rock chip repair results are obtained when the windshield repair is done before the damaged area is contaminated.

How is the Car Window Damage Repaired?

Basically, the process consists of injecting resin into the damaged area. When the damaged area has been completely filled, it is exposed to an ultraviolet light which cures the resin.

How Long Does the Glass Repair Service Take?

Typically, a “star” or “bullseye” glass repair service takes about a half hour. For more than one rock chip repair, add about 15 minutes per repair. The car can be driven immediately without precautions after a chipped windshield repair.

How Will the Windshield Repair Look After the Repair?

Fox Valley Glass - Windshield Repair

Results vary from car to car. Some windshield repairs can hardly be found, while others look exactly as they did prior to the windshield being repaired.





At Fox Valley Glass, when it comes to auto glass, we are the experts. And, we GUARANTEE the repairs that we do for as long as you own the car! If you are dissatisfied with the windshield repair, we will apply the cost of the repair towards a new windshield replacement.

Contact us or call 630.377.6277 for more information or to schedule an appointment for your windshield repair!

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