Automotive Glass Tinting Instructions

Automotive Glass Tinting Instructions

There are many reasons to tint the windows on your car (domestic or foreign), SUV, or minivan, including:

    • Enhancing appearance
    • Cutting glare
    • Reducing fading
    • Decreasing heat
    • Increasing safety
    • Improving year round comfort
    • Adding privacy
    • And more!

If you’re looking to have your car windows tinted, look no further than Fox Valley Glass. Fox Valley Glass provides world-class window tinting services and quotes to meet your needs and budget!

Care Instructions

After the installation of solar film on your automobile, you’ll need to take the following precautions for the next 2 days:

  1. Do not roll down your windows. We usually put tape over the switches or handles as a mental reminder, but sometimes tape will not stick if the doors have been cleaned with products such as Armor All.
  2. Do not use your rear window defogger. After installation there is a fine sheet of water between the film and the glass that must dry out before using the rear defogger.
  3. Do not clean the inside of our windows until the curing process is complete. (Usually 1 week)
  4. Some rear windows, because of the extreme curvature of the glass may require a seam. These are called seamless defogger installations. The film is overlapped on a defogger to allow expansion and contraction of the film. When cleaning a seamed window always wipe the direction lines and not up and down against the direction of the defogger lines.

Curing Process

When film is installed on your vehicle it is a wet application that will dry out to one uniform shade, so you’re going to see little streaks and splotches from the outside. From the inside out you might see a little distortion or a few water pockets. These will dry out within the first week (depending on the weather and if your vehicle is stored outside or inside.) As with any aftermarket tint job you will get a few pinhead specs or debris under the film. The glue is always on the film so after a job dries out any specs or debris can be minimized by pressing firmly with the back of your thumbnail (at 99.99% clarity).


We recommend using SPARKLE glass cleaner (the purple stuff.) Serving as an alcohol based cleaner it is made in Elgin, IL and has been around for over 100 years (so they must be doing something right….)

Stay away from ammonia based products and never use brushes, razor blades or anything abrasive on your window film.


All automotive glass work done by Fox Valley Glass comes with a lifetime warranty. Basically meaning it is guaranteed to stay on, look good and not show signs of aging prematurely. We pride ourselves on providing clean installations so if any problems, please call us directly. Nicks, common tears, scratches or abusive cleaning will not be covered under warranty.

Call Fox Valley Glass today at 630-377-6277 for a FREE estimate or contact us for more information about our automotive, commercial, and residential window tinting products and services.

NOTE:  Fox Valley Glass is not liable for any tickets or citations, so we recommend that you check your local or state laws before having window tinting done on your vehicle. (In Illinois, take a look at Window Tinting – SB1524 98th General Assembly).

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